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Carol Clarke of Univ-Communications has the expertise to take your organization to the next level, whether your goal is to Increase Revenue, Drive Productivity or Facilitating/Adult Education.  Carol Clarke has over sixteen years of combined experience in the fields of Communications Sales, Hospitality/Tourism Management, and Education in addition to executing on the following Business ventures:

Entrepreneurial Accomplishments:

 Owned and operated consumer retail business

 Developed & implemented new Daycare for non-profit organization

 Setup payroll system for non-profit organization

 Setup purchasing department for new restaurant

 VP, Special Event & Fundraising  for  Community Organization

 Treasurer/Secretary for Community Organization

Official Agent, 2015 Federal Political Party Candidate Campaign

Carol is currently pursuing Ph. D. in Management with specialization in Leadership and Organizational Change.  Her career aspiration is to become an expert in Higher Education to continue impacting Education and the Business Community.  Carol lectures at four of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) colleges.


Carol has completed her graduate studies at the University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada with a Master of Business Administration majoring in Hospitality and Tourism Management.  In this program, she had the opportunity to work on real life case studies that broadened her knowledge and experience in the world of Business Administration.

Carol completed undergraduate studies at Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario a Bachelor of Commerce in Hospitality and Tourism Management.    

She also obtained Diplomas (Honors) in Hotel and Restaurant Management from both Constellation College and Humber College of Applied Arts and technology, Toronto, Ontario.

Academic Award:

In 1994 Carol was awarded a Certificate of Merit from Humber College for outstanding work accomplished in the Internship program.  


Carol’s career has taken three paths; Communications, Hospitality/Tourism Management and Facilitating. Through these streams Carol has demonstrated strong leadership attributes; an appreciation for evolution (organizational and technological change), strong customer relations (both internal & external) and creating a learner-centric atmosphere.  

Carol’s career path in Hospitality and Tourism Management covered Front Office Operations both in Canada and Jamaica.  She has extensive work experience in Rooms Division; working as Duty Manager, managing Front Desk Agents, Telephone Operators, Concierge, Reservations and Housekeeping.  Most importantly exercising strong yield management that positively impacted the hotel’s bottom line.

As an Account Manager with Bell Canada Communications and Verizon Business Carol helped organizations improved productivity, cut cost and increased revenue.  At Bell Canada, Carol has experienced the era when Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) with multiple nodes of transportation, transformed into a single conduit that delivered multiple communication solutions.  This new era has revolutionized the way people do business; a wave of constant change, convergence, mobility, and innovative solutions for both businesses and consumers alike. Carol contributed to the development of internal processes that enhanced the smooth delivery of communication solutions for business customers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Canada. Carol managed customer base within these TELCOS exceeding CA$10M and have consistently met and exceeded company goals and objectives.  

Awards (work related):

Carol’s professionalism and dedication earned her the prestigious Bell Canada President Club Award, VP Club Awards among many other accolades and recognitions.


As a Professor, Carol delivers courses within the schools of; Management, Marketing, and Hospitality & Tourism Management at four colleges across the Greater Toronto Area, namely; Humber, George Brown, Seneca and Georgian College in Barrie.  Carol delivered Lesson Plans designed to create a positive learning atmosphere for student’s success and appealing to students of all cultural backgrounds.


Developed & Implemented New Daycare:

COMPANY:   Hearts In Bloom Academy Childcare Services(HBA), Mississauga

POSITION:    Chair - Implementation Committee and Advisor to President

BUSINESS:   Child Care Learning Centre,  ages from 6 months to 6 years.

Carol executed all phases of the Day Nursery licensed under the Nurseries Act of Ontario and the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.  HBA was the first Day Nursery owned and operated by one of the Church of God churches of Eastern Canada; Praise Cathedral Worship Centre Inc.  Carol managed the overall developeration from the creation of the Proposal and Business Plan to the licensing and launch of this Day Care Centre which opened its door on September 2, 2008 with capacity of forty-eight (48) children.  Carol dealt with all regulatory government agencies; Ministries and the City in obtaining various permits and licensing.  She was instrumental in leading a team of individuals on the implementation of the Policies and Procedures for the general operation of this school and has interviewed and hired all staff including; Director, Administrator/Supervisor and the Early Childhood Educators.

Purchasing Manager – Famous People Players Restaurant:

Carol was among a team of ten cohorts chosen by Humber College to setup and launched the first restaurant in Toronto for developmentally challenged actors who were no longer able to perform around the world.  These retired Actors work in the restaurant covering various tasks.  Carol organized and managed the purchasing department setting up procedures for the selection of vendors and the appropriate purchasing methods for goods and services.  The highlights of this internship was published in the book written by the Managing Director of these developmentally challenged actors, Diane Dupuy; ‘Throw your Heart Over the Fence’ Key Porter Books Limited, 1996.


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